Make crypto investment easier

DeFinder digs and tracks Smart Money for users through atomic-level analysis of on-chain data, allowing users to obtain dynamic on-chain data at the first time, thereby discovering new investment opportunities.

Token analysis
Discover token
Address analysis
Smart Money
To be the most preferred blockchain data analysis platform for crypto investors

Higher data accuracy

Obtain the latest and most complete data from multiple chains, and conduct multi-dimensional accurate disassembly of user on-chain operations.

Continuous exploration for new investment opportunities

Dig and track SmartMoney, continuously filter effective information through intelligent algorithms, and make investment opportunities clear at a glance.

Real-time and effective alerts

Real-time and effective intelligent alters make you the first to discover on-chain investment opportunities.

Better user experience

Remove the barriers for users to conduct on-chain data analysis, benefiting more cryptocurrency investors
How to Use DeFinder
How to observe the token holding dynamics of early investors?
How to find Smart Money and track it?
How to find and monitor potential associated addresses?
How to observe the financial strength of large token holders?
How to find and track the address of a suspected "market manipulator"?
How to observe the analysis of the net buying/selling of the holding address?
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